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Parkinsong Voices


Led by Emily Bollon, Creative Director of Motivation by Music


Emily Bollon

emily Bollon


Emily has worked with a wide range of non-professional singers - including schoolchildren and university students, wives of soldiers, prisoners and people with mental health issues.


Emily currently sings as a member of the prestigious and award-winning ACM Gospel Choir under the leadership of Mark De-Lisser, and has sung with Karen Gibson‘s Kingdom Choir.


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When and Where

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Every Friday at 1.00pm for an hour. Cost £3 per session. Binscombe Church, Barnes Road, Farncombe, GU7 3RF.  If you would like to join any classes, please contact Hilary Austin on 01483 422543 or email her at:


Hope, joy and overcoming

"Making new connections with other members of Parkinsons UK, developing breath support for better projection and less strain, use of facial muscles to bring about more expression, body percussion, a deeper awareness of and connection to the history of gospel music, and even a reawakening of memory by learning song lyrics by heart!


Interested in experiencing all of the above for yourself? Look no further! We've had a rich and full first term at Parkinsong Voices, but it's never too late to join. No previous singing experience is needed - simply come along and experience this fun and engaging group activity for yourself, with nothing more than a willingness to give it a go! The music is accessible with techniques such as call and response, repetition and simple harmonies. With lyrics that bring messages of hope, joy and overcoming. All abilities welcome and partners too."