Parkinson's Guildford Branch


Exercise in Godalming


Led by Parkinson's Specialist Melanie Martin

Melanie Martin

Melnia Martin


Melanie Martin is a chartered physiotherapist of 20 years experience - and she is extremely popular with the members of her local exercise classes.


She takes one class a week for those affected by Parkinson's.


Melanie works at Guy’s & St Thomas’ in Rheumatology and Orthopedics.




When and Where

Thursday 1-2pm. Cost £3. Free parking. Godalming Leisure Centre, Broadwater Road, Godalming. If you would like to join any classes, please contact Hilary Austin on 01483-422543 or email her at:


Lively warm-up music is followed by Pilates mat work, strengthening exercise and intensive co-ordination and balance tasks adapted to the needs, ability and limitations of each participant.


Melanie’s classes have developed into a popular blend of exercises to target the key areas for those affected by Parkinson’s: agility, balance, movement, strength and co-ordination.


There is often a relaxation or reflective discussion session at the end to take away the successes from the class that day.


Melanie is also an accredited PD Warrior.